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The Bright Future Tarot Cards are a 78 card deck that blend ancient symbolism with modern psychology to make learning tarot fun, relevant and easy.  In a world where everything is digital, this deck is hand drawn and painted by Saskia Lee Psychic and presents a new way to learn tarot and create accurate readings in just 3 easy steps:
  • Understand the Major Arcana
  • Learn the patterns
  • Feel the energy
A completely new approach to learning and mastering this ancient and powerful tool for divination, The Bright Future Tarot focuses on integrating card meanings with modern psychology and each card image is designed to evoke the way the card FEELS, rather than relying on memorizing keywords or understanding arcane symbolism; enhancing the users ability to reliably access their intuition on demand and create their own understanding of the individual card meanings.  The cards are very colorful and visually rich, so they are great for scrying or intuitive readers who prefer to intuit meanings.
As a professional psychic and someone who trains others to access their innate gifts, the essentials of accurate readings are to be able to feel the energy of the cards, see their patterns and use a relevant layout.
Having spent 21 years providing professional readings and teaching 1000’s of students,  I saw how learning tarot in the traditional way of memorizing keywords, reading lots of books and complicated layouts is time consuming, confusing and often leads to so much frustration, people just give up!
If you’ve had the same experience of trying to learn this way and getting no where – it’s not you that’s to blame!!  The problem with learning tarot through memorizing keywords and text from books is that:
  • Keywords are often arcane, misleading and in conflict with each other
  • This approach switches off access to intuition which is a right brain activity
  • Tarot is a visual language, cards need to be read together to create a story
Tarot is a visual language and the cards are like characters within a story.  For the story to make sense, cards must speak to each other and be read in combination, rather than as separate entities.  In addition to this, the Bright Future Tarot Cards work with your intuition, not against it!  The secret to accurate readings is intuition, you just need to learn how the cards feel.
I also saw how many people marketing tarot cards and systems for learning them were not psychics or readers themselves and were simply regurgitating existing traditional meanings; often causing unnecessary fear, negativity and ignorance.  
I created this deck and coursebook determined to replace the fear and confusion and that often accompanies a students journey.  To use Tarot as a tool for self empowerment, self development and divination.  
If you understand tarot, they can be a powerful tool to enhance your psychic ability, provide amazingly accurate readings, make better choices in life and connect with your higher self or Spirit guides and you don’t need any special abilities; In short you can create a bright future for yourself.
The system includes access to online tutorials, practice sessions and a workbook that takes you through the 3 steps. What are you waiting for?!
I look forward to working with you to explore The Bright Future Tarot, the easy way to learn tarot cards for self development, prediction and insight into your relationships!

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I am a light worker, meaning I work with my guides to bring messages of love and support form those in Spirit

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I am a born psychic and use my gift to be able to gain deep insight into your past, present and future

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A reading is a great way to connect with your angels and guides who are always with you, waiting to assist

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I am a Clairvoyant medium and psychic, meaning I work with my guides to bring messages of love and support from your loved ones in Spirit and can create a link to look deeply into your past present and future. Your guides are always there waiting to assist you, you just have to ask