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Hi, I’m Saskia Lee, psychic, clairvoyant medium, tarot expert and creator of the Bright Future Tarot Cards and I’m going to show you a simple way to create your own accurate readings instantly!
The Bright Future Tarot Cards and workbook are a 78 card deck that blend ancient symbolism with modern psychology to make learning tarot fun, relevant and easy.
The Bright Future Tarot is the combined experience of 21 years of providing professional readings and teaching 1000’s of students.  As a teacher, I saw how learning tarot in the traditional way of memorizing keywords and complicated layouts is often time consuming, confusing and creates frustration and overwhelm.  But it doesn’t have to be that way! I created this deck and coursebook to help remove confusion and negativity that often accompanies a students journey.
Instead of learning 100’s of potential card meanings and layouts, this deck and course gives you 3 simple keys to unlock and accelerate your learning so you can start creating your own accurate readings instantly!
The problem with learning tarot through memorizing and keywords, is that although this makes sense on the page, in the context of real life, it just doesn’t work!  That’s because tarot is a system and the cards are like characters within a story.  For the story to make sense, cards must speak to each other and be read in combination, rather than as separate entities.  In addition to this, the Bright Future Tarot Cards work with your intuition, not against it!  The secret to accurate readings is intuition. Why try to memorise keywords, many of which are in direct conflict with each other, when you can learn how each card feels and discard the need to memorize at all!
This simple bright future system will allow you to stop using books and writing notes and give you the key to create your own accurate readings using 3 simple steps: the cycle of experience, the numbers and the elements.
I look forward to working with you to explore the Bright Future Tarot, the easy way to learn tarot cards for self development, prediction and insight into your relationships!
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The Bright Future Tarot Cards present a new way to use tarot based on a blending of ancient symbolism and modern psychology.  Hand drawn and illustrated by Saskia Lee, The Bright Future Tarot cards focus on enhancing intuition and accuracy and are accompanied by a workbook and online course to quickly and easily create your own accurate readings.

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